Welcome to VaughnGage Adult Day

It’s never too late to choose a healthy lifestyle.

You are a caregiver. You may have never put yourself in this category or used this term to describe yourself, but if you are taking care of a loved one and are their primary caretaker – You are a caregiver. We are a Holistic Adult Day Center. Focusing on the total well-being of our participants and those that love them. If you need assistance with taking care of a loved one, but are not able to afford private care rates and/or are not comfortable placing your loved one in a 24-hour care facility such as a nursing home or assisted living facility, you’ve found the support you need!

If you are unsure of your decision, but are clear on the fact that you need support and that your loved one needs socialization and personal, passionate care. You’ve found your answer!

VaughnGage Holistic Adult Day Health Center is the only licensed adult day center in Cy-Fair. We are pioneers when in comes to utilizing a holistic approach in the day care setting and assess the total needs of the senior client – Physical, Spiritual Mental and Emotional Well-Being. And guess what, caregiver? We don’t just assess the needs of your senior adult loved one. Your needs are important and assessed as well. Yes, we care about the caregiver.

In addition to the traditional networking and entertainment services typically offered at senior centers, the VaughnGage Holistic Adult Day Health Center provides:

Socialization and a Safe environment during   the day
Counseling for the family
Support, training and Education for caregivers
Prayer and Meditation services
Dietary Support/Education
Medication Mangement
Monthly Outings
Passionate, Personal care
We invite you to come by for a tour to get a first hand experience of the new adult day. We promise you, you won’t disappointed. Call us to schedule a tour today: 832-604-6262.

Holistic Adult Day Health Center