Caregiver Awareness

We care about our Caregivers.  There are many resources we offer our Caregivers from computer training, education classes, support groups, and an invitation to our monthly Caregiver Lounge.

Often times, the caregiver isn’t given the proper attention and care during a transitional phase for a loved one. For example, caregivers needs are usually not assessed. At VaughnGage, we have created an assessment just for the caregiver that focuses on their needs as well. We do this because we recognize that the family as a whole, is important throughout the phases of life.

At our upcoming monthly Caregiver Lounge, we provide a place to vent, meet new friends, pray and just exhale. You’re not alone. You don’t have to always have it together. Everybody needs somebody sometimes. We’re here for you and seek to create an inviting environment for you to feel open to being yourself, express your true feelings and concerns and teach and learn from other caregivers that may share a story similar to yours.