Our mission is to provide health and wellness education, support services and personal assistance to senior adults, family caregivers and loved ones. Our speciality is Holistic Adult Day Services. We provide peace of mind and assistance to senior adults and those who care for them. At VaughnGage we utilize a holistic approach to assess our participants.  Our care management team uses a four stage process to evaluate the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental well-being of the individual.  All four components are vital, and the absence of just one component can often times lead to improper treatment of other medical issues. In our approach, we provide a more comprehensive view of our participant.  At VaughnGage Healthy Aging Center, we are driven by a passion for seeing the senior adult as a total person.


At VaughnGage:

  • – Seniors are served in-house by qualified and professional trained VG health staff and volunteers.
  • – Professionally certified and trained staff improve the quality of life.
  • – The community will receive low cost alternatives for senior day care.
  • – Caregivers will receive respite for an affordable cost. (averages $10/hr)
  • – Seniors will be able to better Age In Place, as we provide guidance, monitoring, medication administration, socialization and support throughout the day.
  • – Other Senior Citizens Bureau chapters will utilize the Center as a model for replication.
  • – New friendships and bonds will be created by our participants! It’s never too late to meet new friends.