Process & Approach

Our Process

Seeing the whole person. The Whole Person approach involves looking deeply into a person’s mind, heart and spirit and seeing them as a Whole Human Being—a person with the desire to realize their full potential, to contribute to the world, to be loved and to heal from their past.

Our Approach

In order for seniors to live at home safely and in the best state of health, there must be a carefully selected team working together to oversee the process. Here is an overview of the Vaughn Gage Center’s approach to assessing your personal situation and developing a plan that will work for everyone concerned.

Understanding the person

Every person needs to be understood. Our seniors have contributed to society, raised families and have a wealth of knowledge and senior lady in yellow dress2experience to share. Vaughn Gage (VG) Center is comprised of a team of licensed, clinical professionals and care managers who perform an in-depth assessment of each individual’s needs, desires, strengths, support system and resources and with cooperation from all concerned parties.

Our professional team listens – and learns – before a carefully integrated solution is created.  The responses and input we gather from the integrated care team (family, doctors, nurses, case managers) enables us to understand all aspects that will influence the customization of the care plan.

Starting with a Holistic Intake Process

When we meet a new client, our intake procedure involves probing four different aspects of a member’s well-being including:

  • Emotional health
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Spiritual Well-Being


In addition to answering simple questions, we also probe their willingness for change, their capacity to deal with stress and their view of their own self-worth.