Service Highlights

Service Highlights

As part of the Cypress-Fairbanks region (total population of more than 732,546 persons), the VaughnGage Center fills a huge gap in services for seniors.

This Center is the only one in the Cy-Fair and Tomball areas and the community is very excited about the opening of the facility.

The immediate vicinity of the VG Center offers a pool of community members who will benefit from our services.

Just to name a few, the two neighborhoods of Lakewood Forest and Norchester include thousands of senior citizens without current access to similar facilities. Around the Senior Center (77070 zip code) 8.8% residents are above the age of 60 years, and in the neighboring area (77429 zip code) 6.4% are above that age. No other community organizations provide similar services. Since there are no other adult day health centers in the area, community organizations that cater to seniors, and residents of the local subdivisions have expressed a high level of interest and cooperation with the SCB as plans for the Senior Center move ahead.

As the premier senior facility the VG Center delivers benefits to those who visit. VG Center provides:

1. Physical benefits to seniors through balanced meals, improved health management, stress reduction, exercise, and more.

2. Social benefits through entertainment events, opportunities to volunteer, decrease in loneliness, and renewed interest in life.