VaughnGage Volunteer Opportunities

Webmasters for Vaughn Gage and Senior Citizens Bureau websites:

  • We are seeking a web administrator to maintain and make appropriate changes to the VaughnGage website.
  • Will require completion of training from our membership software provider (www.yourmembership.com).
  • Volunteer must be confident with making decisions regarding the site and in working with social media team to market the site.


Social Media Team

  • We are seeking a social media team (3 – 4 volunteers) to increase the online presence for Vaughn Gage and Senior Citizens Bureau
  • Volunteers will work with social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and any other appropriate social media outlets
  • Volunteers will work with webmasters for both sites to determine the best strategy.


Donor Wall Fundraising Team

We have developed a Friend of the Center campaign. The cause is for Veteran programs. Our
organization runs the only adult day center in a suburb in NW Houston, TX. It is a pilot for future
adult day centers and it is marketed as a healthy aging center. We have a monthly organic food
co-op, herb wall and more. It is based on Holistic Aging . We focus on the total person’s –
spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well-being.

  • Volunteers will work together as a team to get donors for our donor wall at the Center. Again, we have developed donor levels. This is a national fundraising initiative (as our parent company, Senior Citizens Bureau, is a national organization that provides virtual case management to over 800,000 senior adults).
  • Volunteers will call on businesses in the immediate area of the Center (chamber members, etc.), as well as national supporters – to include corporations and foundations – and encourage them to donate and become a Friend of Vaughn Gage. We have created a Word Press site for this and the team can also modify the site as they see fit.
  • Donor will receive recognition on our donor wall as well as other benefits (to be sent in a separate attachment) and as a 501 C-3 nonprofit organization, any contributions are tax deductible.
  • Volunteer should feel comfortable fundraising and asking for donations.


Public Relations Team

For virtual opportunities, we are seeking to create more buzz and recognition for our organization through the media. This includes newspapers, radio stations, commercials, public service announcements and churches.

  • PR Team will help us create this recognition on a local (Houston) and national basis.
  • PR Team will create and distribute approved press releases to relevant media.
  • Volunteers should feel comfortable with making phone calls and sending emails regarding our organization. May also have to create print/copy to submit to publications.


Life Story Team

Our organization is interested in creating a limited amount of Life Bio’s/Stories for seniors in the
Cy Fair area, to start. At our new adult day center, the goal is to capture everyone’s story in
print and/or video.

  • The senior’s story will include things such as tips, recipes, wisdom and advice that they would like to leave behind for current and future generations that they will not get a chance to meet.
  • In our assessment thus far, we have found that most people find great value in this, because many times after the person passes on, their stories go along with them.
  • We will select a limited number of individuals (dependent upon the number of volunteers) to assist in creating these life stories.


Care Team (Check In/Follow Up Team)

  • Our organization will be working with local partners to provide rehabilitation services. In addition, our goal is also to partner with local hospitals to assist with transitional care of seniors once they are released from the hospital.
  • Care Team Volunteers will provide check up calls via phone to seniors release from the hospital, Vaughn Gage Adult Day participants, sick and shut in seniors and seniors that are alone without family and/or caregiver support. A log will be kept of the outcome of all findings.
  • Calls may need to be made on behalf of the senior as an advocate.
  • Volunteer should have extreme patience, a heart for seniors and helping others and feel confident assisting the client and/or speaking on their behalf as an advocate.
  • Our organization and volunteers will research the best questions to ask to help guide the senior in telling their life story.
  • This is a gift for the family and would be a heartfelt contribution to the community


Community Liaison/Local Outreach Representative

Job Description:

The Position:
Represents Vaughn Gage Senior Center at Chamber meetings and other local events. Contacts and follows up with businesses in chamber‐creating lists of Chamber members to contact in order of relevance and interest.

Responsibilities Include:

    • Represents the Vaughn Gage Senior Center at the Chamber meetings and local events.
    • Contacts businesses in chamber.
    • Follows up with businesses in chamber.
    • Creating a list of Chamber members to contact in order of relevance and interest.

Public Relations Outreach Job Description:

The Position:
This person will assist with local papers, businesses, HOA, and newsletters. Also you will need to assist with Friends of Vaughn Gage (fundraising project that allows individual and corporate donors the opportunity to be acknowledged on the
community center building, etc. and to receive decals.) This person will also work with the Community Liaison as needed.

Responsibilities Include:

    • Assisting with local papers.
    • Assisting with local businesses.
    • Assisting with the HOA.
    • Assisting with the newsletters.
    • Assist with the Friends of Vaughn Gages fundraising projects
    • Will work with the Community Liaison as needed.

Volunteer Team Leader Job Description:

This person will work with Vaughn Gage Senior Center Steering Committee to recruit new members. Also you will oversee all the volunteers, as well as assign and monitor tasks. This managerial person will ensure that all tasks are complete and
that all projects are running smoothly and successfully.

Responsibilities Include:

    • Working with Vaughn Gage Senior Center Steering Committee to recruit new members.
    • Oversees the volunteers.
    • Assign and Monitor Tasks.
    • Make sure all tasks are complete.
    • Make sure all the projects are running smoothly and successfully.

Fundraising/Donation Director Job Description:
The Senior Citizen Bureau is a national, nonprofit, advocacy education and support organization for senior citizens and their caregivers. Members and inquirers search the SCB website for health information, educational resources, e‐guides, researching
product and service providers. The SCB also offers a toll‐free 24‐hour hotline‐the Senior Health and Information Line for easy and convenient access to senior‐related information.

The Position:
This organized managerial personnel will submit grant requests to foundations and corporations. They will also request, donated items (i.e., Ace Hardware appliances for community building, etc.), food (including contacting local restaurants and
culinary schools to donate for events and daily meals), items for activities (bingo, yarn, etc.).

Responsibilities Include:

  • Submission of grant requests to foundations and corporations.
  • Request donated items.
  • Such as Ace Hardware appliances
  • Food
  • Items for activities (yarn, bingo, etc.)