Whole Person

Our Whole Person approach involves more than a Q&A session. Our goal is to allow the individual the opportunity to reflect on their skills, talents, aspirations, emotional health and spiritual values. Questions are asked such as, “What is something you always wanted to do?” to uncover their deepest motivations and influences. We invite them to reflect on how they have made a positive contribution to the world. After completion of this intake process, we have a clear picture of each client’s current issues, worries, stressors and desires.

senior lady standing sidewaysOur Health and Wellness Coordinator is essential to developing a trusting, nurturing relationship with each member and is the first in line for establishing a safe, comforting environment for each member. The Vaughn Gage Center is their home away from home.

Sharing information
There has been a disconnect in our society. This applies to both personal relationships and the patient/doctor relationship. At the VG Center, we seek to “fill in the gaps” and assist those vested in our member’s life – in whatever the capacity – with staying connected and working as a cohesive team to make the life stage process more streamlined and efficient.

For example, with our members consent, Our Vaughn Gage Wellness Coordinators will serve as an advocate for our member. This includes sharing information with family members (electronically, etc.), assisting with transition from the hospital to home, making phone calls to and sharing information with doctors, pharmacists, rehab specialists, caregivers, the senior adult themselves and any other person who fits into the circle of care.